Christ As Us
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From: john fautley
To: Linda Bunting
Sent: Friday, September 19, 2008 9:39 PM

Hi Luli,
As you know some times when I am meditating (just a posh word really for thinking lol), I get these little snippets come to me, and I was thinking: ' Lord, I found myself on planet Earth, and you gave me your power, for ALL power is yours. How do I learn to use your power for your Glory, rather than mis-use it for mine'
I think when Jesus said, "of myself I can do nothing", this has got to be one of the greatest clues to us human beings. Meaning I can do good or bad or indifferent, but I can do nothing (of myself) because there is ONLY ONE power, therefore whatever I do I use the same power. How important is it that us mortals learn how to walk by faith, and trust that HE controls us. All our thoughts and actions, lest we should mis-use Him.

All my love to you and John & all the family.