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Subject: My Twelve Dollars

Dee Dee,

I wanted to share with you something that happened to me the other day while shopping at our local Farmer's Market;

I found a beautiful hanging basket I was interested in buying so I did the usual considering-the-cost-in exchange-for-the-value 'thinking' and went ahead and spent the $15.00. I was delighted to have it and started thinking about where to hang it in my garden. We came up on another vendor who had the same plant, though not in a hanging pot, but the price was $3.50! For that difference, I could have potted it myself and
come out way ahead. Well, the Lord felt differently. He said it was His $12.00 and he had a reason for compelling me to buy that one rather than shopping for the 'bargain'. I was thrilled to know my life is not made up of just weights and measures. The Lord reigns over everything in my life, including where I spend my money and how much. Money is God's problem. And I have peace over my finances - in plenty or want.

Thought you would get a grin from this story.

Love, Patty