Christ As Us
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From: Alan Fountain
To: Fred Pruitt
Subject: Re: Hearts of Flesh

!!! WOW, Fred -
Thank you for that Good Samaritan excerpt. Father spoke to me, and I really got into it . . .
You said Christ, "bears our iniquities in his own body hanging from a Cross, ... takes it all into Himself, not figuratively, but literally". Then I got sort of a vision:

If I consider a situation where my own physical body gets cut on something sharp, takes a beating, or even is shot .... I can realize how those things might affect my head; making me strongly and quickly feel things and take actions.
Since we are His body, and He is our head, literally, our spirits somehow mysteriously knit into oneness with His own, I can see Him experiencing exactly what we experience, "real time" as they say, and acting to deal with our needs in the same way my physical head relates to my physical body - not as some objective task that needs doing, but as heartfelt action and urgent care that is focused on the business of saving my life, and has not the slightest inclination to avoid or demur that love labor.

Because of so many decades of brainwashing, I must translate "iniquities", at least for myself. Please keep in mind that all of this union concept is relatively new to me, so in any given moment I may be in a precarious state of misunderstanding.

The dictionary's essence of "iniquity" is "grossly unjust". The Hebrew word in Isa 53:5 translates as "perversity, depravity"; - yes, the "stink" of the world. I will say the iniquity that bruised Him is my violation of union with Him, by arrogant attitudes that see myself as much more than I really am - as a tiny independent god of my own. Maybe you can say it better. So what He bore on that cross was more or less my arrogant pride that disdains and even challenges His Glory. My pride does actual damage to ME! - just like a wound.

So, He took those wounds in such a way that they became actually His very own, and then, as a head would do, He ACTED decisively and vigorously to save us and deliver us from them, and to heal our very lives.