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Hi Dee Dee!

Oh, my this email has hit home with me plus the one by Fred on ďBe the Mess You AreĒ . (I love that!) The Spirit has been gradually revealing to me the difference between soul and spirit to where I can really see it better now that ever before. For so long I just didnít know anything except soul and so I believed for so, so long that that was me and I could never tame it. But now I know I was never meant to tame itÖit is Godís perfect tool. But it is such a relief to know spirit and that that is who I truly amÖjoined to the Lordís Spirit forever. There is such peace in knowing that. I still get buffeted aroundÖI mean I had years of believing the wrong thing, but now I hear His voice telling me thatís soul and I know it is outside of me and I donít need to really worry. I may ďfeelĒ worried but thatís ok because I know the truth and even if I donít know the truth the truth still IS!! I just love sanctification now, donít you?!

I hope this email finds you well. Thanks for doing what you do.