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The books you send me and the audio tapes are incredible. Norman's English is difficult to understand and it take me about three hours to listen to one audio. I put my player on slow play mode to hear the words. While listening and reading I discovered that God who is Spirit - that Spirit works with laws that flesh do not always understand in this material dimension. That God who is love can be nothing else and that sense knowledge do not always understand that Love because SELF work with other laws. Like death. SELF do not think death is a good thing... death is exit out of "life" - but in the realm of God - death is the best - it is "entering" into ... So it seems with suffering. I never understood this. Paul saw through and now I also can see through. It is not easy always in this country with all it's crime and murder - but thank God for starting to see through and see Love and rest in Love - becoming that Love. The depth of the teaching of ... God all and only, is without words.

Thanks again. Stephen.