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Subject: Liberty

It's amazing how I can be just going along with life, and the Spirit will pop something in my head!!

The religious people have always felt that Paul's attitude toward freedom in the spirit, which they call "risky license", would get out of hand, so they "couldn't agree to that doctrine" - and that always felt sensible to me - before ....

BUT!! Now that I'm on this side of Oneness, I see that only from the perspective of separation can that restrictive attitude make any sense. If I am the one making my own decisions, independently, then liberty definitely should be guarded, but if CHRIST is the one living my life, it is simply NOT POSSIBLE for Him to misuse freedom!!

Then, that revelation reminded me that once I was in a separation mentality; now I'm in Oneness. That's why freedom did feel dangerous, and now it makes no sense to restrict it. It's SO GOOD to be really free !!