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To: Linda Bunting
Sent: Saturday, December 20, 2008 11:57 AM
Subject: Re: Daily Thought - This One Thing

How does this work "as he is immediately led and governed by the Holy Spirit" ? I understand my/our fallen state (believe me, my past life/experience compared to what I have gratitude today for what I trust in Christ). But as I attend men's group, bible studies, different churches, read bible emails, surround myself with Christian men, talk about Christ and what joy and peace (at times) I have, etc..., NOW note "at times", I disappoint and, sadden myself (my Spirit) when I revert back to some of my old behavior (although not as many), how can this be? It seems to me, I should be more Christ like by now and not making old bad behavior mistakes. I know that there is not perfection until I die and go to heaven, but I desire to be more Christ like and pray to make HIM proud of me too do the work HE has for willed for me, but I continue to grieve myself in this journey. And I know as long as I grieve then HIS plan for me is at a distance. I look forward some day to meeting y'all. Have a Blessed and very Merry Christmas to all y'all.

Reply from Linda:

You've got the cart before the horse. Slow down. You don't really want to be like Jesus. You don't want to start going into churches and tearing them apart; accusing the preachers of being Pharisees: You really don't want to hang out with prostitutes; eating and drinking with sinners ... do you????

You must have some mistaken idea of just how Jesus acted and I suspect its really the same as most of us when we're taught a lot of 'do goods' and 'shoulds and aughts' ... from our youth. We apply that to how we think Jesus acted.

If you read closely you will see that Jesus was just himself, living in the moment, watching and doing exactly what He saw the Father do ... and that is how He lived. "As I see the Father do, I do" ....

Perfection is now. PERFECTION IS A PERSON ... in your humanity but only the Holy Spirit can bring you into that total realization. Your part is to take Him by faith; His part is to do it. Quit trying to make yourself look better so you can feel better about yourself. Your ego needs a bit of an adjustment ... as do each of ours when we think we should or aught to do anything other than trust the living God inside us to, not only keep us from sinning, but also to cause us to walk in his ways....

Jesus would never have called us to be perfect had he not known that He would be inside us to accomplish it. But the One thing we must do is to take Him, lock, stock and barrel to be all He needs to be in us. HE will wait on getting our actions cleaned up until we are securely fixed in Him inside. Just keep your eyes on Him, not on yourself and your behavior. You are His precious creation and He LOVES LIVING AS YOU: with all your funny warts ... which we each have as identification with the rest of the world.

Just think; you are Christ in your form ... Plain and simple. End of story. Live your life, enjoy being He ... and He will enjoy getting to live again as you.

Love, Linda