Christ As Us
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Dear ones,

I have been out of town for the past several Sundays and will be out of town for several more. And I hate not being with you for the closing chapters of Samuel. This book has been such a blessing to me-- as well as to you, I am sure. I just wanted to share some thoughts with you...

We have see God take the old Levitical priesthood, with its outer rituals and laws, culminating in Eli and Samuel, to an inner dwelling and worship of the Holy Spirit.
God has taken them (Israel) from an outer worship to a new and living way being led by the still small Voice within. His laws are now being written on their hearts and in their minds.

And we have watched David go from a wondering shepherd boy to a full functioning son of God; from conquering a giant to a warrior of the Lord; from cowering in caves to a crowned king; from a suffering servant to a friend of God... a man after God's own heart. He has become, no longer the shepherd of sheep, but the shepherd of the flock of Israel.

But the most glorious thing is that we begin to see that this is not only a Bible story of great faith, it is the story of each of us. God bring each of us from boyhood to sonship; from young men 'fighting the evil one' to victors of the kingdom with Him; from outer signs and wonders to an inner knowing that it is really He operating this life by faith in us, by us, and as us.

And that is the name of this season: EMANUEL. E-MAN-U-EL-- God with us. God with us! Imagine that! God with us! God with(in) us! That is the glory of Christmas. We worship not a baby in a manger, although that is glorious, but we kneel and worship the One true God that has seen fit to come and dwell on earth in us, as in His Son, for the sake of His creation.

loving you all, ~marty