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Yesterday I took my wife and daughter to the Nagasaki airport following our four days of vacation. Perhaps I should say that Japanese culture is so integrated with Buddhist mysticism that they really can't decipher between the two. So many evil spirits were at work on this particular evening. My mind was so distracted that I didn't notice the spiritual rift, but God did let me notice my weakness and I cried out telling God to bring my mind back to Him.

As we were waiting together watching the Japanese people gather on the train, I noticed in particular one man who seemed very out of place. Japanese are a very proud people, so homeless people are very out of place. Well this man seemed very homeless and quite out of sorts as he kept walking up and down the train and looking about like he was lost even in the train. God told me to pray for protection from this man and as I watched him I began to see that he was being affected by demonic forces. As I was paying attention to my family I lost sight of him.

The train left the station and as I looked about the train I found a small toilet room and at the same time noticed three very beautiful Japanese girls standing in proximity of the toilet enclosure. I think they noticed I was looking that way and returned the looks. I wanted to look more, but prayed that God would control my weakness. Minutes later the three girls walked our way and I figured that seeing an American family had interested them, but paid them no attention, focusing on how Satan was trying to fight my family.

As we exited the station I looked around the train for the homeless man who was evidently under the influence of demons and to my surprise I found that he was sitting and conversing with a group of very high class business men. This is an impossibility in Japan; in my nine years here, I've never seen a group of business men conversing with a homeless person as they were doing. I also noticed that they were in exactly the same place that the three beautiful girls had come from. It was the first time I have seen such a joined effort of spiritual powers against us. Yet through it God showed how His protecting hands were holding us the whole time.


Hi John,

God 'educated' me in an inner healing and deliverance ministry prior to showing me my union with Christ. You can read my whole testimony of that time on Linda's website under Testimonies. I will tell you that in a nano-second in 1980 as I read Eph 2...that I "sat at the right hand of the Father in Christ"...I saw that Satan was NOT there and I NEVER had to fear OR fight the devil again. I have see GOD ONLY since that day...not fearing Satan or myself.

John, we no longer have to fear the devil...look at Job, the earliest book written in the bible. Even there God said to Satan, "Have you considered my servant Job?"...not once, but twice. Satan did nothing that was apart from God. The same with Jesus. When Pilate said he had power to release or crucify Him, Jesus told Pilate that he "had no power but what His Father in heaven gave" Pilate. ALL is from God to press us to faith and trust and to bring life for others by our word and presence.

You had nothing to fear there among the people GOD had you with the other day...and most of all, you did not have to fear yourself! The next time look fully in His freedom at those women...I suppose you were saying they were prostitutes...and speak a word of wholeness and Christ FOR them. You were THERE and SAW them for His redemptive purposes...not to take you into sin in your imaginations!

I think that the wonderful sight of the homeless man speaking with the Japanese men in the very place of "those women" was Christ giving you a very visible picture of Himself in their 'spot'...for the miracle of the 'impossible conversation' was surely that! He crossed cultural taboos and placed Himself right in the same place. Sounds to me just like Jesus in talking to the Samaritan woman or healing on the Sabbath.

ALL cultures are integrated with pagan ways...even the body of Christ! They are minor to God and it is our privilege as people of faith to see GOD ONLY and "call those things into being that are not, as though they are." We fear nothing, for fear is only perceived separation from God...that the other, we, or the situation is separate from Him. Separation was done away with at the Cross and only has reality/consequences for us when we fail to see God, All and in all.

Much love, DeeDee

Hello DeeDee, Thank you for your words of testimony. We were thankful that in that situation we didn't need to fear, but only to pray into existence the prayer of protection which God gave us. Surely to bring our eyes into His truth was the reason He brought that situation into place. It is true that Satan continually uses my perceived weakness to create fear when my eyes don't see in faith, so I was thankful that God brought me back to the truth of myself in HIM through Christ. And as Paul says, we need not be ignorant of Satan's devices and then again we can use the shield of faith to protect against the fiery darts of Satan, those perceived separations. So it is interesting and fun to see the ways in which God uses Satan for us.

Love in Christ, John

Dear John,

Yes...we need not be ignorant of the Satan's devices. To me that just means to recognize that his PURPOSE is for temptation...and temptation only, with NO power behind those temptations, but what the Father gives or we, in our ignorance and unbelief give way to. ALL temptation is meant for upwards purposes. Paul says to "count them all joy!"

Go, dear friend, in the power of the Life within you and not in a divided consciousness that still sees good and evil...for there is truly only LIFE under the Tree of Life in which we now reside!

Love in Christ, DeeDee

Yes, Yes, Because even as we fail in belief or in ignorance at times, it does not affect the TRUTH. Satan's devices and our failure are meant to bring our eyes back to Christ. As we have learned, the only thing that changes with sin is our understanding, never the WAY, TRUTH, or LIFE. Because all is in Christ and Christ is in all. But how to not see evil when temptation comes is something I haven't overcome (seeing myself rather than Christ) and am praying about; I think the answer may be in faith in our TRUE nature, but God please open my understanding.

John To know about Christ only leads to mere religion; but to be One with Christ leads to LIFE.

Dearest John,

What you have asked the Lord for is monumental and He will answer "for He cannot deny Himself." You will never be the same as He closes your consciousness to separation and independence. I will stand with you and rejoice with you as we watch Christ reveal Himself in and as you in a deeper understanding that before. Norman Grubb used to tell us to 'say' what was true and God would make it ours. I think "Here You are, Lord" for yourself or a situation and "There You are Lord" in another's life is a good place to begin to be fixed in God Only!

Loving you,