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Hi from Ireland, I was blessed this morning reading Normans letter
which he wrote to these folks called Leslie&Jill on Aug.1974 p158 in the
Knight of Faith volume 2,its just amazing how Norman manages to capture our
mission now as people who have being brought into an understanding of our
union in Christ,just how he was advising these folks not to fall for the
many,what I guess he thought would be diversions, that would miss their true
calling,which is now our calling to be Christ and express Christ right where
we are,which could be inside a prison or maybe Beverly hills,p.s.I must
confess Beverly Hills would be my choice,no but seriously this is just so
liberating for me now,to see this that being who we are right now in our own
personal set of circumstances...Well i just wanted to share that with
someone that gets it anyway,maybe I'm showing off but what does it matter
because its me right now where I'm AT. bye for now and kind regards from
in Eire..