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"There is only one way to accept yourself, and that is by faith."

Luli's Opening Message

An introduction by Linda Bunting to the 2004 Bunting/Wearen Meeting
"Dedicated to the Expanded Awareness of Christ In You"

"Why have we all come here? I will tell you why I came here. It is because in 1968, Harriet Warren and Pat Price and several other women who are not with us now, fell heir to Norman Grubb’s teaching. He visited Louisville for the first time 1968 and we went to hear him because he was speaking at the home of our Bible teacher. At that time in our Christian lives we could not make anything work. We were trying so hard to be the best we could be, striving and failing, and when Norman spoke the first time none of us could have told you a word he said, not one word he said. But, everything in our spirits lifted and we knew we had heard something that was inside, and that called us home to a person, THE person of Jesus Christ, who would live inside of us and be us and perfectly satisfy us and cause us to know how to lay our lives down and live for others. So in 1970 or 1971 Harriet and I went out one Monday morning, because we didn’t want to iron, but to look for property. Harriet called and said, “Let’s go for a ride.” So we got in her car and drove out this way and we found this property and within a year we had bought the property and the Lord had showed us to divide it up and build our homes, which we did. Probably in 1973 (72 or 73) I said to Norman one night, “Is there anyone else on this planet who speaks like you do.” Because, you know what folks, we take terms like ‘born again’ and terms like ‘Christ in you’ for granted. Those are normal terms that are heard now. But back in 1968 and the early 70’s (the Charismatic Movement had hardly broken out) the Bible was not read. Bibles were coffee table books. I don’t know where I was going with that. Yes, thank you Casey. Yes, I asked him if there was anybody else on this planet who was speaking and telling us the things he was saying. And he said, “Well yes my darling. I have these little groups in Alexandria and I have a little group here and a little group there.” And I said, “Well, could we have a house party and invite them over, because I want to meet them. Because I want to meet other people who are beginning to understand what you are saying.” So that was in the year 1974. We build our homes in 73 and moved out here in 74. That year we had our first house party in our basement and we had 40 people. The next year we had 80 and the next year 120 and the next year it had grown into about 250 and we had to put up a tent outside. Since that time we have been coming here once a year to search the scriptures and see if these things be true. And these scriptures, that were once dead, became alive, because they pointed us to a living person, a living person living inside of each of us, who had come to live in our common human frames. Think about it. The God of this universe, would come to live, in your common human being. It’s marvelous. Makes you smile. Makes your spirit to leap, doesn’t it? So, that is what we have come to do this weekend, if you will hand me my paper, that white one. I want to read to you this letter of invitation, because this weekend, this is what we will be discussing, hopefully. It’s called…oh, we have newcomers Pam and Steve (Caney), welcome, sweethearts. this is Pat’s other daughter and son-in-law. Glad to see you all. I need my glasses too…thank you. You know…why are you laughing? You are, not laughing…okay. Amm… It’s one thing to know God, and I dare say everybody in this tent has spent the last, probably major portion of their lives trying to find God and know God and know more about God. But who of us knows ourselves? Do we know ourselves? Do we know ourselves as containers of this God that we search after. And that’s why, when Harriet and I began to think, what would be our theme this year, because we always talk among ourselves with Dee Dee and Carol and some of us. What the Lord brought to us to talk about this weekend is to be yourself. And this is why, there is an underground river flowing in us. The real I is not this human I at all. It is He, of whom my I is an outer form. There is a unity, fixed, eternal, inwardly realized in which He the positive is the real one living and I the negative am also real, but really the expression of Him. So, normal Christian living is this mysterious combination of the duality in unity. The positive and the negative, which alone makes manifestation of the positive possible. Do you grasp that? The manifestation of the positive, who is God, possible. My negative makes that possible. At last we can and must accept ourselves and live free. I can accept myself…not only because He has accepted me, but put me back where I belong as really being a form of Him. Do you get that Adam, yes you do, I can tell. This is strong. This is simple. It is very simple. I am no longer busy trying to find the One who has found me. Not even fussing around, trying to hold onto Him…because He’s got hold of me. Joined Himself to me. And, what He holds He keeps. We are the light of the world. God has come to live in our common human forms. Hardly anyone saw the living God in Jesus. They just saw a man who did unusual things. Yet it was God manifest in the flesh. “If you have seen me you have seen the Father.” Jesus said. (John 14:9) So we, daringly say the same, and get used to being ourselves. For as He is, so are we in this world. (I John 4:17) Isn’t that marvelous? As He, so are we in this world. So this weekend we are going to have speakers who are going to elaborate on that. We want this to be an open weekend. We want to hear from everyone that has a word and we will have time provided for that. And it cannot be emphasized too much. Paul said, ‘It might be laborious for me, but you need it.’ We need to hear it over and over and over and over again until we get used to looking in the mirror and seeing Jesus. Seeing the very Christ of God in our faces. Because, that is what He is. And until you rise up and take your possession, until you say what He says is true, you are living less than life. And I want to say right now, and I am going to say this once…I’ll probably say it a hundred times throughout through the weekend if I get a chance. The Holy Spirit has come back. The third person of the Trinity has come back and He has come back in myriads of forms. He has come back in your form. He has come back to live again as you. He deserves it. He owns you. You have been bought with a price. He deserves to live as you and if you keep trying to make yourself into something else, other than He has made you, you will perish and hopefully soon. (Laughing.) Because…it’s a wonder the Spirit does doesn't wear out. It proves He is eternal because He doesn’t quit. He never stops. He will not rest, until we are at rest. And until we are in total harmony with ourselves. Not with Him. He has already made us in tune with him. We are already perfectly… He is perfectly satisfied with us. Everything about us is alright with Him. We are the ones that are the problem. We are the ones who keep taking issue with ourselves. And, we have got to stop that, and there is only one way. There is only one way to accept yourself, and that is by faith. That one step, that one leap into Him, is the key. And you know it. You know it. Because who you take, takes you. And you know you have come home. It is wonderful, you never have to search again. You can always go out and play around but you will always know where home is.