crystal with cross

The Age of the Father ended 2000 years ago, the Age of the Son is ending now and the Age of the Holy Spirit has just begun.

The Real Pentecost

Pentecost is the answer.
Pentecost is something Better.
Pentecost is the need of the Church today.
“Ours is a Christianity without force, passion or effect,” cried a modern prophet. “Our word is but a lovely song; the people hear but do not fear; they are enchanted but unchanged.”
Pentecost is our need.

Pentecostal power in our personal lives is the supreme need of the Church. We are impotent because, although we know The Living Presence We have not progressed to Pentecost.
If the Church would move to Pentecost, nothing could arrest its triumph, and its thousands of unsatisfied souls would have found