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"Do you see, beloved, the eleventh hour has struck, and floods of light are emanating from the very presence of the Kingdom..."

Walter Lanyon

Walter Lanyon's writings are filled to overflowing witht the truth of being, offering inspiration, courage, and freedom to the spiritual seeker. They are a pure offering of love and bring forth blessings infinite when we accept this gift so freely given.
Lanyon was a unique student of mystical thought, and writes that the very simplicity of the message of the Bible and Jesus was the point that baffled most students of spirituality. Lanyon often eliminates personal language completely and conveys his pure revelation as simply and naturally as possible. The organic manner in which Lanyon states the truth allows readers to grasp the spiritual ideas for themselves and implement those ideas in their daily lives. Writing from a Christian perspective, his books appeal to all interested in spiritual thought and philosophy.
“Until the Scriptures yield up their symbology, they remain a rather tedious history of a decadent civilization. Once you become the principal actor, as it were, in the moving pictures of the sacred book, you begin to understand the revelations of Jesus the Christ; how it was that he constantly spoke in parables because of the ignorance of the people, and how necessary it was for the people — even you and me — to release the blessed revelation from these stories into the present-day, practical, everyday living.”
Walter Clemow Lanyon was born in the U.S. on October 27, 1887, and he passed away in California on July 4, 1967.

You are Everyman. The Bible is the story of your life. You have only to supply your name and change the dates and places to bring the present incidents of your life into line with the story of the Bible. It is so with every book. Who has not written a thousand Psalms of praise and desolation? Who has not stood in the place of Job with all the world slipping about him, only to find the solution of his problem lay in praying for another? When Job prayed for his friends God turned his captivity into freedom, and he had twice as much as he had before. Seeing that he had nothing when he came to the understanding of the situation, it is interesting to note that by praying for another he had his former goods restored to him increased a hundred per cent. Praying for others seems to be more profitable than praying for one self. Man often becomes so obsessed with what he calls his own problem, that he cannot possibly see good. His thought is constantly dwelling on appearances and he crystallizes to circumstances. But there is always a way out, and if you will read the Bible in the first person in the present tense you will see the solution to every difficulty into which you have drawn yourself. It is not the mere fact that Job prayed for his friends that brought about the transformation. The secret lay in that fact that what he was able to see for another, came true in his own life. Becoming intent on good in another, breaks the continuity of the thought of evil and causes the good to manifest. That which you see for another you see for yourself, and you often are able to bring out your own good by turning your attention directly to another and insisting on seeing the good and perfect in him. While you are seeing good for someone else the thoughts of evil concerning the appearances of your own universe are dropped from thought. When this takes place the manifestation drops from sight. It can only remain as long as it is held in thought.
- taken from "The Story of Everyman" by Walter Lanyon

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